Project title : Supercritical water co-oxidation (SCWcO) of urban sewage sludges and wastes (LO2X)
Project policy area:
Life programme - LIFE12 ENV/ES/000477 -
Project coordinator: AINIA (Spain), Andrés Pascual (, Tel: +34 961 366 090
Partners: AINIA (Spain), IMECAL (Spain), IVEM (Spain) y SCFI (Ireland)
Duration:  01/10/2013 – 31/12/2016
Budget: 2 948 698 € (EU contribution: 50 %)


The LO2X project aims to demonstrate the environmental and socio-economic benefits of a synergic co-treatment of sewage sludge and wastes (raw or digested manure, high load food processing wastes, pesticides, leachates and others) with energy and phosphorus recovery through supercritical water co-oxidation (SCWcO).


Supercritical oxidation is an advanced technology that is recently being of interest as an alternative to treat some wastes.
The technology is based on the particular properties of water under temperature and pressure conditions beyond its critical point (T>374ºC and P>217,7 atm). In such conditions, water may oxidise completely (efficiency 100%) any organic compound to simple molecules: water (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N), etc.

By means of this technology, organic pollutants do not require further inertisation treatment, facilitating final disposal of a small fraction. Furthermore, the process may show a net positive energetic balance due to the possibility of recovering heat produced by exothermic reactions and energy from water expansion after supercritical processing.   

edar paterna  
LO2X project involves the construction and operation of a demonstrative scale prototype for the treatment of a significant fraction of the raw sludge generated in a representative medium sized urban WWTP and wastes collected from the surrounding area.

The prototype will be constructed and operated in Paterna (Valencia, Spain).

The consortium includes representatives of several sectors and it is performed through a cross border collaborative model between Ireland and Spain: AINIA technological centre as coordinator of the project with more than 25 year of experience in supercritical fluids and environmental technologies, IMECAL specialist in equipment construction, IVEM responsible of the Paterna urban WWTP and SCFI an Irish hi-tech company with expertise in supercritical water oxidation.


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