UPV - Networking

Jose B. Carbajo (AINIA) attend to “Workshop: Hacia la autosuficiencia energética en las Estaciones de Depuración de Aguas Residuales” to perform nerworking action with LIFE  Saving E.

  AINIA - Event

Andrés Pascual (AINIA) presented the talked “Biorefineries of organic residues” in the Waste Biorefinery – International Technical Conference (Valencia). LIFE Lo2x consortium carried out networking activities with stakeholders such as Local Authorities, Wastewater operators and Food & Brewery Industries.

  Andrés Pascual (AINIA) presented the talked “Reasons to incorporate the principles of the circular economy in water management” in the Circular Economy Workshop (Valencia). LIFE Lo2x consortium carried out networking activities with stakeholders such as Local Authorities, Wastewater operators and Food & Brewery Industries.

Jose B. Carbajo (AINIA) presented the talked “Supercritical Water co-Oxidation (SCWcO) of urban sewage sludge and wastes” in VII Jornada sobre gestión y tratamiento de lodos de EDAR organized by UB (Barcelona).

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  Cristina García-Vera (URBASER) presented the talk “Co-oxidación supercrítica de lodos de depuradora y residuos” in Technical Workshop on Advance Solutions for Sustainable Management in Water Treatment organized by Carburos Metálicos (Barcelona).

WWI, technical journal of water and wastewater, published the article “Comparing technologies for treatment of sewage sludge: Introducing supercritical water co-oxidation – LIFE Lo2x” in its 6 number.

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TECNOAQUA, technical journal of water and wastewater, published the article “LIFE Lo2x: Demostración de los beneficios de un co-tratamiento sinérgico de lodos de EDAR y residuos” in its 27 number.

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FUTURENVIRO, technical journal of environment, published the article “LIFE Lo2x: Co-oxidación en aguas supercrítica de lodos de EDAR y residuos. El artículo revisa los principales resultados alcanzados en el proyecto LIFE Lo2x” in its 43 number.

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Andrés Pascual (AINIA) exhibits LIFE Lo2x in LIFE event - 2017 Conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Water.


Press release

La Razón, a Spanish newspaper that has an average daily readership of close to 50,000 copies, published the article “Líderes en regadío responsible” in which LIFE Lo2x is cited.


Radio interview

Elvira Casas (AINIA) explained the LIFE Lo2x at Agropopular program in Cadena Cope, a Spanish radio station that has 2,824,000 listeners.


Press release

El Mundo, a Spanish newspaper that has an average daily readership of close to 300,000 copies, cited LIFE Lo2x.


Radio interview

Elvira Casas (AINIA) exhibited the LIFE Lo2x at La Llavor program in La SER, the most popular radio station in Spain with 4,206,000 listeners.



Cristina García-Vera (URBASER) presented the talk “LIFE12ENV/ES/000477 LIFE LO2X”, at Technical Workshop on N and P enoval in wastewater.



Jose B. Carbajo (AINIA) carried out a networking activity with two others LIFE projects, which aims to demonstrate the environmental and socio-economic benefit of treatment of sewage sludge and pig slurry: LIFE ECOdigestion and LIFE LEMNA. In the picture: Pau Granell (LIFE ECOdigestion) and Jose B. Carbajo (LIFE Lo2x).



The LIFE Lo2x consortium organizes the event “Urban Sewage Sludge: from Waste to Resource”. Different members of project in the field of wastewater and waste treatment sector that have synergies with LIFE Lo2x participated in the event.


Jose B. Carbajo (AINIA) presented the talk “LIFE Lo2x: Co-oxidación en agua supercrítica de lodos de depuradora y residuos” at INFODAY REGIONAL 2017.


Press release

El Mundo, a Spanish newspaper that has an average daily readership of close to 300,000 copies, cited LIFE Lo2x.



Desk officer visit

Technical and financial desk officers from European Commission and the external monitor to the project visited LIFE Lo2x consortium. The visit was used to check the implementation of the project activities, to discuss any outstanding technical or financial issues and to provide clarifications.


Stakeholder visit: Gemwater (Italy)

Gemwater, a well-known engineering company from Italy, expert in the design and construction of water and waste water treatment plants, visited LIFE Lo2x demonstrative plant. In the picture Roberto Calderom (Gemwater).


Event: Conference of Innovation (Madrid)

Cristina Álvarez (URBASER) presented LIFE Lo2x at the Conference of Innovation “Biorefineries: transforming biomass into bioenergy and bioproducts”.


Stakeholder visit: Estonian and Lithuanian LIFE project assistants

Estonian and Lithuanian LIFE project assistants visited AINIA Technological Centre, in which was explained LIFE Lo2x.


El País - Press release

El País, the highest-circulation daily newspaper in Spain, published the article “Las diez ideas españolas para ahorrar agua frente al cambio climático” in which LIFE Lo2x is cited.

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University Polytechnic of Valencia (UPV) - Stakeholder visit

University Polytechnic of Valencia (UPV) visited LIFE Lo2x demonstrative plant. In the picture Antonio Mullet (UPV), Jordi Casal (SCFI) and José V. García (UPV).

  SMAGUA - Networking

Cristina Garcia-Vera (URBASER) carried out a networking activity with two others LIFE projects, which aims to demonstrate the environmental and socio-economic benefit of treatment of sewage sludge and pig slurry with anaerobic process: LIFE STO3RE (Synergic TPAD and O3 process in WWTPs for Resource Efficient waste management) and LIFE ANADRY (Dry anaerobic digestion as an alternative management & treatment solution for sewage sludge). In the picture: Gracia Silvestre (LIFE STO3RE), Javier Eduardo Sánchez (LIFE ANADRY) and Cristina García-Vera (LIFE Lo2x).
  SMAGUA - Event

Cristina García-Vera (URBASER) presented the talk “Proyecto LIFE Lo2x: Co-oxidación en agua supercrítica (COASC) de lodos de depuradora y Residuos” at Smagua 2017 – 23th International water and irrigation exhibition.

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  ATEGRUS - press release

Ategrus, member of International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), posted “!!PROGRAMA actualizado!! Proyecto LIFE Lo2x se presenta en la próxima JORNADA TÉCNICA de ATEGRUS sobre Gestión de Lodos de EDAR”

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RETEMA - Technical article

RETEMA, technical journal of environment, in its 196 number published the article “Oxidación en agua supercrítica de lodos de EDAR: Proyecto LIFE Lo2x”.

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CLIMATE KIC “The Journey”

A total of 43 students from several EU countries attended the visit to AINIA facilities in Paterna (Valencia, Spain). LIFE Lo2x project showed their results in a session organized for environmental projects presentation.
Climate-KIC is Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership, working together to address the challenge of climate change.



The LIFE Lo2x project took part in the event called Infoday Regional LIFE 2016 celebrated yesterday in Paterna Technological Park (Valencia, España). This is an annual event which has been organized by Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, Generalitat Valenciana, Cámara Valencia, EEN SEIMED y REDIT.
This event allows to companies and private and public institutions share experiences in projects related with environment and climate change, in the Framework of LIFE from European Commission.
Javier Claros, researcher in the environmental department of AINIA, showed results related with LIFE Lo2x prototype building, and also some aspects related with their start-up and operation.     


  External Monitoring Team visited the LIFE Lo2x project

On Thursday, 31-3-2016, the representative of the LIFE External Monitoring Team (NEEMO EEIG), Mr. Borja Domínguez, visited the LIFE Lo2x project. The project partners presented the progress of the project actions to the monitor and the ongoing activities in the demo site.

External monitors are mainly senior experts skilled in the different environmental and nature fields addressed by the LIFE programme. Besides their technical skills, they have experience in the monitoring and evaluation of programmes and/or projects, and they have local knowledge which allows them to understand the projects’ specificities and to communicate with local stakeholders

The monitoring support includes not only the regular monitoring of LIFE projects’ technical and financial progress, but also evaluating the quality of the outputs of these projects and continuously assessing how the means and activities will contribute to the results (assessing therefore the efficiency of the project). It also allows, on completion of the project, to assess to what extent the results have contributed to the project’s objectives (assessing its effectiveness), as well as the project’s sustainability and its socio-economic impacts, compared to what was foreseen in the original project description. The project monitor also conducts ex-post missions to some projects, with a view to assessing their long-term impacts and sustainability.


LO2X: First coordination meeting in 2016

On Monday 29th February and Tuesday 1st March it was held the first LO2x coordination meeting in 2016, the final year of the project.

The meeting started with a visit to the prototype plant in Paterna WWTP where a general revision of the sequence of actions B2, B3 and B4 up to the date was done.  Key elements were assessed in situ.  Also, the progress of C and D actions (indicators and location for the notice board) were also shared.

The meeting followed with two-day working session in AINIA which focused in planning of 2016 activities, revision of the conclusions of the EC to the Mid-Term Report submitted in late 2015, technical and financial aspects and troubleshooting.

LO2x team highly recommends you to follow closely our activities for the year to come, where we will start to show the outcomes of the project.



B Implementation Actions keep going ahead. Standing on previous subactions in B2 (Building up activities), the last one dealing with heat insulation has been developed and as a result, special insulations have been applied in an important part of the facility in accordance to exigent LO2X processing conditions.

Supercritical water oxidation conditions imply high pressure and high temperature, above water critical point (above 221 bar and 374ºC). As a result, insulations are required for two purposes: 
- to make possible to keep the exigent processing temperature conditions taking profit of the energy associated to the reaction itself.
- to protect people opearating the demonstrative facility along any processing step against burning wounds caused by direct contact to hot materials.

Heat insulations pave the way to carry on with the foreseen star-up test (B3) and oxidative tests (B4).

  EXPOQUIMIA 2017 (Barcelona)
  WCCE2017 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineeringing
ECCE11 11th European Congress of Chemical Engineer (Barcelona)


  PROSCIBA 2016 (Viña del Mar (Chile))
  ISSF2015 - 11th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids (Seul)
  ECCE10 (10th European Congress of Chemical Engineering) - Nice (France)
EPIC5 (5th European Process Intensification Conference)
- Nice (France)
  FLUCOMP 2015 (Cadiz)
  ACHEMA 2015 (Frankfurt)
Food for Life Platform Spain (Madrid)

This platform aims to guide food research towards the interests of the industry and society in general.

ENVIFOOD 2014 (Madrid)

ENVIFOOD Meeting Point (11-13th June of 2014, Feria de Madrid). This meeting aims to provide companies with access to the latest sustainable innovations by putting them into contact with environmental solutions and the food and drink sector.


LIFE Waste Platform meeting at Green Week 2014 (Brussels)

The 2014 edition of Green Week, the biggest annual conference on European environment policy, will take place from 3 to 5 June at The Egg Conference Centre, Rue Bara, in Brussels. The theme will be Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency & Waste.

Antonio Tornero and Andrés Pascual (AINIA) will attend the event on behalf of the project Lo2x.

Jornadas ofertas tecnológicas en el sector energético y medioambiental, Feria del medioambiente y las energías (Valencia)

The aim of this conference is showing the innovative technological offers about enviroment, water and energy; and disseminating the results of the projects developed by Technological Institutes, Universtities and companies.
  Interview with Andrés Pascual - Radio 9


LIFE12 Regional Kick-off Meeting (Madrid)

European Commission agents and spanish beneficiaries had a meeting in Madrid for the launch of seventy new projects, related to nature and environment, cofounded by LIFE+ Programme of the European Union.




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